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1.Quality guarantee: 18months after shipment, not more than 20months since production date (considering the payment delay etc.)

2. Quality control: We have triple-check quality control management. Before production, all departments check and confirm the ordered products specification information 100% same as client required; After production, quality control department checks all finished and purchased parts according to the confirmed specifications , and assembles the cabin to check all fixing details; Before delivery, our electrical department makes test control cabinet and motor tune Our delivery department rechecks all parts according to the packing list details.

3. Package:We pack elevator parts in steel trip wooden cases, this is the best package solution.

4. Installation: We have many professional installation and maintenance partners in different countries, and we can also arrange our engineers to install elevator and escalator on your sites

5. Aftersales service: We have a long-time and regular aftersales service system both in maintenance solution and spare parts provision. We have regular on-site inspection plan for all installed elevators by our agents or by our engineers timely. to ensure the elevator and escalator run- ning with stable performance all the time.

Elevator with multi door openings

We can give different kinds of elevator solution designs for your building, even for some com plicated shaft conditions.

1.With 1:1 roping and double counterweight arranged in opposite corners of the shaft, it maxi- mizes shaft utilization to design opening in 4 sides
2. Guide rails fixed without brackets, more convenient for installation.
3. Cross beams for car top frame, and car bottom with brace structure, can solve partial load strength problem from 4sides opening and car.
4. Speed governor without tension wheel, it’s available for narrow shafts.
5. Independent HOP control for 4 sides, intelligent and efficient.

Elevator with small shaft design
Special design without counterweight

1. Use forced synchronous drive roller traction machine without coun- terweight-Save much space.
2. Integral design of bottom beams and car bottom---Small pit required.
3. Manual opening of landing door---Maximize the door opening.
4. Without car door but with light curtain protection---Safe and cost less.

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